Prepping 101 for Beginners – Essentials for Survival

Prepping 101 for Beginners – Essentials for Survival

Whether you’re new to prepping or ready for survival, there’s nothing more essential than having the fundamentals of prepping mastered so that you could survive job loss, financial downturn or car breakdowns. 

Lots of people wonder about the ways to begin prepping and while it’d be much simpler to summarize what you should do in a single sentence, the best thing you may do, regardless if you’re a beginner or an experienced prepper, ask yourself about what you’re preparing for. 

It is okay if you cannot think of something at the moment. Besides, being prepared is much better compared to being not ready at all. 

Prepping – What Is It?

Prepping is more like a common sense on a steroid. That definition is what you can approach for survival scenarios with, from food security, family safety, home security, sustainable power, water storage to things including self-defense, travel, finance, and anything in between.

Generally, prepping is being prepared in case of the end of the world and having a backup plan. It is like the insurance plan for you and your family, but something that is prepared by yourself and not managed by somebody else. The reason behind it is that one of the important parts in prepping is being able to provide for yourself and able to take care. You are accountable for your own survival. So, if disaster strikes, or the power goes out, you will not need for anybody to be in charge of some things because you can do it on your own. That is the reason why skills on sustainable practices, gardening, water sourcing, and power generation are important to preppers. 

Ways to Start Prepping

Regardless if you are one of the self-reliance experts, homesteaders, survivalists or seasoned preppers, you can get started with prepping easily. Just know what your goals are and what you aim. While there are numerous events out there that you could prepare for, there are some kits in the stores locally or online, which claim to prepare for them. This could be an attractive option to purchase natural disaster kits. That isn’t really the answer and absolutely something you would recommend. But rather, look at what your needs are in your own personal circumstance through knowing what you require to survive.

Below are the steps that you should take into consideration:

  1. Create a food supply
  2. Store water safely
  3. Ensure that you can cook the food you have stored
  4. Implement off-grid waste system
  5. Pack the bug out bag with bug out plan

Those are the things that you need for prepping. Although there are some things that you must take for consideration like developing off-grid power source, personal safety methods, and ways to communicate, those are just the basics that you must practice to master prepping. 

If you want to know more about prepping, you can read some blogs or articles about it and know what other people recommend or suggest for starters.

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