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Sometimes the mobile Internet brings us down. In places like underground parking or with a large crowd of people, the Internet connection can be very slow and unstable, or not at all. 
In this case, only the basic functions of the cellular network will be available to you: regular calls and SMS messages.
However, as long as you can receive and send text messages, you can use this functionality to browse websites even without access to the Internet. 
Of course, it will not be so fast and convenient, but you can get the necessary information from the worldwide network.
We look at sites through SMS

Using only text messages, you can visit the web resources thanks to the Astrobot service . 
Whenever you send SMS to this service, in reply you receive a message with the cleared text at your request.
Previously there was Cosmos application  ,  which appeared before Astrobot and performed the same tasks, but because of extremely intensive use, the developers apparently could not pay the invoices for sending SMS and had to close the project. Yes, not always popularity for good. Let’s hope that this will not happen with the Astrobot service.
So, as already said, to receive data, you need to send SMS with special commands. 
Here are examples of such commands:
“Go to [site address]”  to visit the site
” Search the web for [search query] ” to search for information on the network
” [#] ” Indicate the number of the corresponding link from the response SMS
” [#] More ” specify the number of messages you want to receive to continue reading the article
” Table of contents ” displays the contents of the page
To get started, it is recommended to save the main phone number of the service in the address book:  646-576-7688 . Now you can use this number when you do not have access to the network.
Example of use
Suppose we needed information about the film Interstellar. To do this, we use the query “Search the web for Interstellar” in the SMS, and we will get a list of relevant sites in the answer, the first of which will be the corresponding article on Wikipedia.
Next, we want to read this article, so send a “1” message in response, which means the number of the page you want to download. Now we get from Astrobot the first part of the text from this page. To continue reading the article, send “4 more” and accept four messages with the rest of the article.
Yes, this is definitely not the most convenient way to read websites. But it can not be denied that the very possibility of obtaining information from the network without the presence of an Internet connection is quite valuable.
It is desirable to have a tariff plan with a large or unlimited amount of SMS included, so as not to go bankrupt on outgoing messages.

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